The circuit test is a 1-mile loop with no stops that allows us to evaluate how each bike performs in different levels of assist. The first loop is conducted with the motor turned off, to simulate riding manually in the event the battery dies or you want to extend your range. The next loops are performed in progressive assist levels. We record our max speed and average speed in each loop to determine how the Pedal Assist (PAS) levels function.

Euphree offers two software settings on the City Robin, a Performance acceleration package and a Gradual acceleration option. You can select either program when you first order your bike. This is a service Euphree provides to new buyers so you can decide how you want the PAS levels to engage while you are riding. Once the bike has been calibrated with either the Performance or Gradual acceleration and shipped to you, it can’t be adjusted later.

The Performance program is the current default and Euphree’s more popular option. In this program, the bike has a higher max speed at lower PAS levels, but it takes longer for the bike to get to speed. For example, you can go faster in mode 2 (notice the 19.8mph average in Class III), but it takes a few pedal rotations to achieve that speed. The City Robin has a torque sensor, so the speed responds to how hard you pedal. This makes it so you can stay in lower modes without having to toggle between them to find that desired top speed.

The Gradual acceleration program is designed with lower max speeds in each PAS level, but the motor immediately engages to get to that speed much quicker. The white City Robin bike had this programming. You’ll notice there is quite a difference in speed between the two bikes at lower levels of assist. The white bike provides a more gradual increase in speed at each level, whereas the pink bike quickly jumps to 19.8mph in PAS mode 2. Both bikes have the same top speed.

Personal preference will dictate the preferred setting for each rider. Either program option is available in both frame colors.

September 07, 2021