Winterizing your bike is one of the most important steps to make sure your e-bike lasts and is able to grow with you. Here are some tips to enjoy winter riding.

Tip 1
If you live in a city with snow plows, make sure to lubricate your bike’s chain, cassette and derailleur after each ride to prevent a build up of grit and salt. 

Tip 2:
Make sure to layer up and wear moisture wicking clothes that are breathable to prevent sweat buildup. Wear gloves if you will be out riding for longer. 

Tip 3:
If you plan on storing your ebike through the winter, charge your ebike battery to 50-70% and leave it somewhere with a moderate temperature when you are not riding.

Tip 4
Make sure to get your bike tuned up before you ride it again in the spring.

Tip 5
Never leave your bike out all winter