The City Robin


Our E-Bikes are shipped 90% assembled, which means there's few things for you to complete prior to riding. Our assembly videos will walk you through these last few steps for a seamless ride.

1. Unboxing

Unbox the E-Bike & remove all packaging. Inventory all the parts in the box. Follow the Assembly video instructions at

2. Assemble

Loosen the stem cap and rotate the stem 180 degrees. Attach handlebars to the stem. Hand tighten for final adjustments later

3. Front Wheel Skewer

Take your front wheel skewer and place it through the front wheel. Make sure the quick connect is on the same side as the brake disc. Lift the front forks and position the front wheel into place. Lock the front wheel into place by closing the front wheel skewer

4. Alignment

Align your stem and handlebars with the front wheel. Adjust the handlebar angle to suit your height and tighten to lock in place. Take the seat post and slide it into position (adjust clamp to tighten). Adjust your seat post to your specific height.

5. Pedals

A small A is marked on the right pedal and a B on the left pedals. The pedals have left handed threads and should easily slide into position. DO NOT FORCE IT (you might cross thread the cranks) Use the Allen wrenches to tighten the pedals with adequate force for safe riding.

6. Fenders & Lights

Place front fender and light on your ebike by attaching them to the front fork suspension. The top bolt holds them in place while the side connections attach to each fork.

How to turn on your City Robin

Hold down the M for a few seconds to turn on your E-Bike. Press the up arrow to increase the pedal assistance. Press the down arrow to decrease the pedal assistanceHold down the M to turn off your E-Bike.

How to turn on/off front and rear lights

Press and hold the up arrow to turn on your lights. Press and hold the up arrow again to turn off your lights.