City Robin 2022 ebike in emerald green.
City Robin 2022 ebike in rebel blue.
City Robin 2022 ebike in matte black.
City Robin 2022 ebike in pearl white.
City Robin 2022

City Robin 2022

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Color:Emerald Green

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Full Suspension Step Thru Ebike

The all-new City Robin model 2022 is our most comfortable ebike yet.  It is built with premium features and specifications to enhance your riding experience.  With more capacity up to 100 lbs., upgraded brakes and a tailored seating position, we incorporated all of the top requests from our current customers.  This is a premium, comfortable, commuter ebike for you to ride around your city.  

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Upgraded Frame - Greater Carrying Capacity

New integrated rear rack is welded into the frame for increased carrying capacity up to 100 lbs and a sleeker look.

Upgraded Brakes - Greater Stopping Power!

New Tektro hydraulic disc brakes respond to a more sensitive touch with greater stopping power providing you with greater control over your ride.

Upgraded Tires - New Hybrid City & Trail Riding Tires

New puncture resistant tires are designed with the optimal tread pattern for city roads and light trails. These tires provide more grip and greater traction in multiple environments.

Upgraded Lights & Fenders - New Metal Fenders & Brighter Lights

The model 2022 comes with upgraded metal fenders and lights that are larger and twice as bright as before.

Upgraded Comfort Features - Standard Adjustable Stem

We are adding an adjustable stem to the City Robin product line so you can choose your ideal riding posture. If you want to lean forward for a more aggressive riding stance, you can! If you want to relax in a more upright posture similar to the Dutch riding style, simply raise the stem to your ideal riding height.

Upgraded Derailleur & Shifter - Pedal Easier Without The Motor

The new model comes with a top of the line derailleur and shifter system enabling you to to take advantage of the lightweight design by shifting gears and pedaling without any motor assistance.

Final Thoughts

The City Robin Model 2022 is built with premium features and specifications to enhance your riding experience. With more carrying capacity, upgraded brakes and tailored seating position, we incorporated all the feedback we could from our customers. This is a premium, comfortable, urban ebike for you to ride around your city.

Ships by December 13
Ships by December 13

2 Warranty

2 Warranty

Financing Available

Financing Available

Discover What Makes The City Robin Best Commuter Ebike

Technical Information:

To ensure uninterrupted shipping, some parts may differ from those listed. Rest assured, our engineers rigorously test each component to guarantee quality and compatibility.

Battery Level

Rest easy and always know how much battery life you have while riding. The 10 bracket indicator is granular to tell you exactly how much you have left.

Pedal Assist Level

Increase the pedal assist level to increase your motor output while you pedal.

Headlight-on Indicator

Know if your lights are on without needing to stop or look at them. The indicator will tell you the status even in the daylight.


Set your clock to your current time to keep you on schedule. We understand if you are having fun and lose track of time while riding though.


The speedometer will tell you your exact speed in real time.


Tracks all of the miles you've racked up in total by trip or throughout your ebikes entire lifespan.

Animated gif image of Euphree's City Robin 2022 model in rebel blue. The gif shows off the all the customizations you can do on your ebike. You can add a rear basket, front basket, baby carrier, water holder and more.

All New Accessories

Customize Your Ride

Carry up to 100 lbs on the rear rack or place your bag in the front. Whatever the task this ebike can do it all.

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"The City Robin has impressive specifications and features that make it very comfortable"

The Most Comfortable Ebike

Discover Why You'll love The City Robin 2022

Picture from above of the Euphree City Robin 2022 emerald green model.

Cockpit View

Ergonomic Setup

The front handlebars have a slight curve eliminating any wrist strain and all of the necessary accessories are within reach without moving your hands.

View of our Euphree City Robin 2022 ebike in matte black.

Full Suspension

Own The Road

Equipped with a superior front fork suspension that boasts 100 mm of travel and a premium seat suspension with 50 mm of travel, you won't feel a single bump or pothole.

Animated gif of Euphree's City Robin 2022 model in rebel blue showing off the adjustable stem.

Adjustable Stem

Custom Seating Position

Choose the best seating position for your arm's length and riding preference. Don't ever worry about shoulder strain again.