To help you ride longer and feel more comfortable so you can enjoy your ride; giving you the ability to engage in a lifestyle that enhances your overall health and wellness.

so we

Designed our E-bikes to enhance your comfort and utility while maintaining top level safety and performance.
Every feature on our E-bikes, including our exclusive customizable ride performance settings, full suspension, seat suspension, pedal assist, step-thru frame, and lighter weight is built-in to enhance your mobility.

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An American Company based out of Houston, Texas.

Founded By

Former oil and gas engineers who were tired of signing off on emissions reports to the Railroad commission and believed in a better mode of transportation. 

A 4,000 lb object does NOT need to carry a 200 lb person. We believe there is a better way and are committed to designing products which will convince you of this. 

Our technical background lends us to support individuals who are pursuing STEM career paths.  Education and transportation are two keys to social mobility. 

A portion of our products are allocated to individuals who are transportation limited and pursuing STEM careers.