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"Pretty impressive power for a cruiser bike on an 8.5% grade"


"There’s not a lot you’ll have to add to the bike since most accessories are included."


"Euphree offers two software settings on the City Robin"

Frequently Asked Questions

Euphree eBike Features

What is the difference between Euphree’s City Robin Cruiser and City Robin Sport eBikes?

Handlebars! The City Robin Cruiser eBike comes with curved handlebars for a more relaxed and leisurely cruise. The City Robin Sport eBike comes with straight handlebars for a more active and adventurous ride. We recommend picking whichever handlebar suits your riding comfort.

What is Euphree eBikes range?

Total range can be up to 65 miles but range can be affected by factors like, speed, battery, throttle use, riding environment, etc.

What is Euphree eBikes top speed?

Both, the City Robin Cruiser eBike and the City Robin Sport eBike top speed is 28 mph on full battery.

What about storage? Does Euphree eBikes come with a rack?

Yes, both our City Robin Cruiser eBike and City Robin Sport eBike come with a rear storage rack that can hold up to 55 lbs. You also have the option to add a platform or basket onto the front connections.

What is the lifetime value of Euphree eBikes battery?

Euphree uses Samsung 35E cells and should be able to complete up to 800 charge cycles. This translates to about 3-4 years of daily use before needing to be replaced.

Are Euphree eBikes safe?

At Euphree, we believe our customers should not have to spend a small fortune for safe and reliable ebikes.  We test every one of our ebikes at least three times prior to sending it out to customers. 
Properly designed and engineered ebikes are very safe. Sadly, not all ebikes are safe. Many companies place a motor and battery on a bicycle and neglect proper engineering. Key design features to look for when shopping for an ebike is weight distribution, suspension, quality control, and component selection.
Weight distribution: The motor and battery can account for up to 50% of an ebike's weight. Improper engineering can lead to poor weight distribution and an unsafe ride. If you’re unsure about ebike design for the bikes you are considering, reach out to us at Euphree and we can further educate you on safe weight distribution. 
Suspension: Higher speeds require a shock absorber to even out bumps and pot holes on the road. Suspensions increase ride comfort and improve safety.  Your Euphree comes with front fork and seat suspension so that you can ride safely in comfort. 
Quality control: Key quality control measures during manufacturing are essential during component manufacturing, assembly, packaging and shipping.  We perform three Quality tests before you receive it: before, during and post assembly.  Then we test each ebike again before we ship it out to you from our Texas warehouse. 
Component selection: Be wary of purchasing an electric bicycle that does not have quality components!  Euphree bikes use 48V Samsung lithium ion battery and 850W (peak power), 500W (sustained) Bafang motor.
Tires: Did you know that tires are the second most engineered component on a car after the engine?  The same can be said for ebikes! Correct tires improve performance, safety, comfort and tie the entire riding experience together. We use high quality tires designed specifically for urban ebike commuting.

Can I use my Euphree eBike to exercise?

Yes!! You are in complete control of how much assistance you want from your Euphree eBike. 

Our eBikes have higher quality bearings and are lightweight enough to be ridden with the motor off! Go ahead and get a workout in if you'd like.

About Euphree

What is the difference between Euphree and other eBikes?

Euphree offers high performance eBikes designed with comfort, safety, quality, and reliability in mind.

• Top speed: 28 MPH
• Mile range: Up to 65*
• Acceleration: Gradual or Performance
• Comfort: Full Suspension & Seat Suspension
• Pedal Assist: 5 Levels
• Throttle: Push-to-Boost
• Storage: Rear Storage Holds Up to 55 lbs
• Lightweight: 55 lbs
• For Riders: 5'3 - 6'2"

*When biking at an average 15 mph but other factors like weight, battery life, speed, riding environment, etc. can affect range.

How did you pick the name Euphree? What does it mean?

It’s simple! We want to make you feel Euphoric and Free when you ride one of our eBikes.

Euphoric + Free = Euphree

Why haven’t I heard of Euphree?

We may be new to the game, but we are not new to eBikes. Electric Bike Report stated: “Euphree may be new to the market, but the City Robin performs like a seasoned veteran.” Learn about our story.

About eBikes

What is an eBike? Why are they becoming so popular?

An “eBike” is an electric bicycle. Electric bicycles are bicycles outfitted with a motor and battery to enable faster cruising speeds and an effortless ride. Allow your Euphree eBike to transport you around your city without sweating or worrying about parking.

eBike Popularity

eBikes are growing in popularity due to their versatility. They are a multipurpose, reliable mode of transportation. eBike uses vary from getting you to work (without sitting in traffic congestion), quick errand runs, or even leisurely cruises. They are even a great resource for fitness.

Yes, reduce your carbon footprint! With electricity as the power source, they are an eco-friendly option.

Do I need a license?

No, you do not need a driver's license to purchase or ride an eBike in the United States. You do need to obey all traffic laws and take safety precautions seriously. 

Do I need a special insurance?

No, eBikes do not require insurance however, some companies do offer personal injury and theft protection insurance for eBikes.

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