The inspiration

Behind Euphree

As a former oil and gas engineer, the CEO's passion for creating a better, faster, and more accessible mode of transportation led to the founding of Euphree.

Our Mission

Born in Houston, Texas, Euphree's core values are centered around customer-centric innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence. By actively engaging with customer feedback and incorporating it into the design of our electric bikes, we strive to deliver the most comfortable and premium electric bike experience.

Built to Impress, Made to Last

Euphree is synonymous with reliability. Our bikes are crafted from superior materials, ensuring they are not just robust, but resilient. Expect a smooth journey for years, for every Euphree bike is an investment that delivers returns in delightful rides and lasting memories.



As we move into the next stage of our growth, we are grateful for the strong partnerships we have developed with our dealers and corporate customers.

What our customers are saying
What our customers are saying
The Euphree City Robin X ebike is one of the best ebikes in the ebike market. It is a solid ebike that already comes with the much needed accessories that are not found in higher end ebikes. The parts are top quality. The selection of colors are great!! The ride is awesome!! Daniel at Euphree is very professional and attentive to your needs.
What our customers are saying
The quality of the bike is awesome and it has held up excellent over it’s first 1000 miles, only regular maintenance required as with any bike. The bike is quiet, super comfortable, and the battery performance holds true to what is advertised, no issues there at all.
What our customers are saying
We purchased 2 bikes, hubby's blue, mine white. He is 6'1 and I am 5'3. We both ride comfortably, his seat is raised higher.They are beautifully made. The paint is stunning. I love they way they look and we get compliments every time we ride. The upright riding position feels great and provides excellent visibility.