Unboxing Your City Robin X+

In your package, you will find the City Robin X+ bike, front wheel with skewer, front fender, a pair of pedals, a set of keys, an allen wrench multi-tool, a 5mm allen wrench, user manual, bag of reflectors, canvas bag, and a battery charger. To ensure a smooth assembly, you will also need a pair of clippers or snips, and a 15mm crescent wrench. Unboxing can be a one-man job, but it's always easier with a friend.

Let the Bike Assembly Begin

Starting with the handlebars, remove the plate from the front of your stem with the 4mm wrench, position your handlebars, and return the plate. Use your 3mm allen wrench to attach your front light, ensuring it is securely fastened.

Attaching the front wheel is an integral part of the bike assembly. Remove the black nut from the front wheel skewer, slide the skewer through the axle, and secure the spring back on. Be cautious not to pull the left brake handle when removing the spacer from the brake caliper. Once the front wheel is in place, kick out the kickstand so your bike can stand on its own.

Adding the Final Touches

Now let’s move on to the front fender. Using your 5mm allen wrench, remove the single bolt from the front fork's arch, slide the front fender into place and screw the bolt back in. Adjust the fender stays with the 4mm bolts and lift the fender off the wheel, securing it in place.

When attaching your pedals, it's important to note that each pedal is designed for a specific side, identified by the small “L” and “R” stamps. Thread each pedal in manually before tightening with a 15mm crescent wrench.

Customizing Your City Robin X+

Finally, we're going to personalize your ride! Adjust your seat height to be approximately at hip level. Loosen the two bolts on the side of your seat post to adjust both the position and angle of your seat. To adjust the suspension compression, use a 5mm allen wrench and turn clockwise to stiffen your ride, or counter-clockwise to soften it.

Your handlebar can be adjusted using your long 5mm allen wrench. Loosen the bolt on the right side of the stem, adjust the stem's angle to about 30 to 40 degrees, and tighten the bolt back up.

Congratulations! Your City Robin X+ is fully assembled and ready to take you on your next adventure. Enjoy the ride!

Daniel Basaldua