Insert the key into the lock, ensuring the number on the key matches the number on the lock.

  1. Unlock the battery by turning the key clockwise.
  2. Push or pull the battery removal knob located on the upper part of the downtube just beneath the fork.
  3. If the battery doesn't drop immediately, push on the battery shield with your thumbs until it pops down.
  4. Once it clears the frame, lift the battery off the connection plate.

Battery Installation

  1. Place the battery onto the connection plate.
  2. Swing the battery upwards until it clicks onto the top bracket.
  3. Push the battery onto the frame with one hand and use the other to turn the key and lock it into place.


Knob Replacement

  1. Remove the bolt holding the knob in place using a Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Place the replacement knob onto the bolt, ensuring the flared end faces the head of the bolt.
  3. Reinsert the bolt and tighten it.

Adjusting Tolerances of the Top Bracket

  1. Ensure the lock is unlocked.
  2. Locate the three Allen bolts at the top of the downtube (in the same location as the battery release knob).
  3. Loosen these three bolts using an Allen wrench, but do not remove them.
  4. Fully lock the battery into place and remove the key.
  5. Tighten the three bolts.

Replacing the Top Bracket

  1. Contact Euphree support staff for a replacement top bracket.
  2. Remove all bolts holding the battery in place using an Allen wrench: three at the top of the downtube, one with the battery release knob, and three holding the connection plate.
  3. Carefully move the battery down the downtube, which will push the connection plate into the frame and bring the top bracket out of the frame.
  4. Remove the battery and top bracket.
  5. Move the connection plate back to its correct position and secure it with the three previously removed bolts.
  6. Slide the new top bracket into the top of the downtube and replace the three bolts, along with the battery removal knob.
  7. Reattach the battery and lock it into place. If tolerances are too tight, follow the steps in "Adjusting Tolerances of the Top Bracket" to correct them.

With these steps, you've successfully learned how to remove, install, and troubleshoot the battery on your Euphree Electric Bike. Enjoy your ride!