Step 1: Find the right height

The first step is to find the right height for your seat. To do this, sit on the bike and place your feet flat on the ground. Your knees should be slightly bent, but not locked. If your knees are locked, lower the seat until they're slightly bent. If your toes are barely touching the ground, raise the seat a bit.

Step 2: Adjust the angle

Once you've found the right height, you can adjust the angle of your seat. The angle of your seat is a matter of personal preference, so experiment until you find what's most comfortable for you.

Step 3: Tighten the bolts

Once you're happy with the height and angle of your seat, tighten the bolts to secure it in place.

Here are some additional tips for adjusting your seat:

  • If you have a suspension seatpost, you can adjust the firmness of the suspension by turning the bolt on the bottom of the seatpost.
  • If you have a dropper seatpost, you can raise or lower the seat quickly and easily by using the remote lever on the handlebar.
  • If you're having trouble adjusting your seat, you can always take your bike to a qualified bike mechanic for help.